Group Supervision

Online (Zoom) Group Supervision Dates for 2021…
  • Tuesday 2nd Feb – 4pm
  • Saturday 13th Feb – 11am
  • Tuesday 9th March – 4pm
  • Saturday 27th March – 2pm
  • Tuesday 13th April – 4pm
  • Saturday 24th April – 11am
  • Tuesday 18th May – 4pm
  • Saturday 29th May – 2pm
  • Tuesday 15th June – 4pm
  • Saturday 26th June – 11am

One-to-one sessions are available on request.

Duration & Cost:

Group sessions lasts approximately one hour, and participants are limited to 5 per group. The cost for attending a group session is £15, payable by bank transfer.

One-to-one sessions are available on request, and cost £30 for 30 minutes, or £60 for an hour.


Supervision sessions are currently being held ONLINE ONLY via Zoom.

If you are interested in attending group supervision, please get in touch.