Group Supervision

Online (Zoom) group supervision dates for 2021…
  • Sat 18 Sep – 11am
  • Sat 16 Oct – 11am
  • Sat 13 Nov – 11am
  • Sat 11 Dec – 11am

If you are unable to attend these dates, please get in touch. It may be possible to arrange additional groups on different days.

One to one supervision…

One-to-one sessions can be arranged on an individual basis.

Duration & Cost:

Group sessions last approximately 1.5 hours, and the cost is £15, payable by bank transfer. Numbers are limited for each session so everyone has time to discuss what they would like to.

One-to-one sessions can be 30 mins (£30), or 1 hour (£60).


Group supervision sessions are currently being held ONLINE ONLY via Zoom.

One to one supervision can be online, or in person.

If you are interested in attending supervision, please get in touch.